Nanjing Baoguang Chemical Co., Ltd.
Name:Nanjing Baoguang Chemical Co., Ltd.
About Us
Nanjing Baoguang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Nanjing city in 1998. Over 8 years' hard work, Baoguang now has become a leading chemical enterprise, with 60,000sq.m of lands, RMB 50 million yuan of fixed assets, 200 employees (17 of them are technicians, 4 are international famous chemical experts) and over RMB 100 million yuan of annual production value. Cooperating with Taiwan Yuanyi Company, we are mainly engaged in the research, development and production of high molecular polymer additives. Our main products are Ultraviolet absorbent UV-531, UV-329, UV-326, UV-P; Light stabilizer 770, 292; Antioxidant 2246 and related intermediate: 2-tertiary butyl-4-methylphenol, and so on. As the biggest manufacturer in China of Ultraviolet absorbent UV-531, UV-329, Light stabilizer 770,An..
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